PayQuicker Team Members Earn Direct Selling Compliance Certification

February 5, 2021
DSCP 2021 Certification

Three PayQuicker team members are honored to be members of the inaugural class certified by the Direct Selling Association as a Direct Selling Compliance Professional.

Crystal Holtzendorff, David Jarmusz, and Terrainna Smith all completed and passed the 12-hour online program (DSCP-CP).

The exclusive content for the DSCP-CP was provided by attorneys at Baker Hostetler and Kelly Drye & Warren LLP, notably, Linda Goldstein and John Villafranco, seasoned advertising law executives.

“The certification will be granted to individuals and will demonstrate that a company is committed to compliance and equipped with an understanding of core concepts needed to develop and implement an effective compliance program,” stated Villafranco.

At the end of the course, participants were tested to demonstrate whether or not they understood the program and the requirements of compliance. Upon passing the exam, Crystal, David and Terrainna are now certified to effectively manage key legal and regulatory compliance matters.

Thank you to our team members who completed the program and will help raise the legal and compliance bar for PayQuicker and its clients!

Crystal Holtzendorff, Director of Sales Operations

Crystal Holtzendorff

Director of Global Sales
David Jarmusz

David Jarmusz

BSA AML Compliance Officer & HR Manager
Terrainna Smith, Senior Accountant

Terrainna Smith

Senior Accountant

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