PayQuicker Partners with Mastercard to Expand Access to Digital Payments for their Global Payouts Clients

June 1, 2022
PayQuicker Partners with Mastercard

PayQuicker customers will be able to launch branded cards across the globe, expanding current product offerings and enhancing user experience.

Mastercard + PayQuicker
PayQuicker, an innovative financial technology leader in the global payouts market, today announced it is partnering with Mastercard to deliver client branded virtual and physical cards including secured bank accounts and mobile wallet functionality, all through a single point of integration.

PayQuicker is on a mission to play an integral role in financial inclusivity, and to ultimately bring compliant, speedy, and hassle-free banking to independent contractors, gig workers, and the employees of businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises on a global scale.

Through its strategic partnership with Mastercard, PayQuicker’s offerings will:

  • Be available in more than 150 countries with local currency cards in over 30 countries
  • Provide clients with the ability to customize their own card program based on their unique needs
  • Bring instant payment power to their own brand experience
  • Allow users to leverage their Mastercard prepaid debit and virtual cards on leading mobile wallets

“PayQuicker has been issuing prepaid cards with secured bank accounts for people around the globe for more than 15 years,” said Paul Beldham, CEO of PayQuicker. “By leveraging all of the tremendous assets from Mastercard, we’ll have an opportunity to expand our product offerings, including our launch of an industry-differentiating Payment Orchestration for Payouts platform. We’re pleased to be partnering with a long-time, global leader in the space in Mastercard.”

“People today require easy-to-access, always-on payments solutions that are relevant to the needs of their businesses and daily lives,” said Sherri Haymond, Executive Vice President, Digital Partnerships at Mastercard. “As our economy becomes more and more digital, we look forward to working closely with PayQuicker to bring greater access to everyone and ensure that we’re not only meeting, but exceeding those financial needs.”

The PayQuicker platform provides users instant access to payments via their insured PayQuicker-issued bank accounts. As soon as a payment is made, the funds are available in the insured account and available to spend instantly online through a virtual card, physically with a plastic prepaid debit card, or by loading the card into a mobile wallet.

PayQuicker serves multiple markets through its new Payment Orchestration for Payouts solution, including Direct Selling, Clinical Trials, Consumer, and e-Wallet programs.

About PayQuicker

PayQuicker is an innovative global financial technology company that provides its clients with a robust payments and treasury platform. Since 2007, we have been revolutionizing payouts, allowing businesses of any size to offer instant global payouts in local currencies via secured bank accounts with prepaid debit cards, virtual cards, and mobile wallets. Our cloud-based and regulatory-compliant software stack enables clients to white-label our products, empowering fast and flexible spending options under their own branded experience. Our mission is to enable clients with superior payment and purchasing power that immediately drives business growth with every login, payout, purchase, or swipe.