PayQuicker Featured in the American Banker

January 19, 2023
American Banker

PayQuicker was featured in an article in the American Banker, in which president Charles Rosenblatt relates to the experience of many tech employees and shares his plans to add staff, in contrast to the current trend of tech layoffs.

By most measures, 2022 was a difficult year for companies that enable digital payments, resulting in a slew of job losses among technology workers.

There have been more than 90,000 layoffs in the technology sector, according to Crunchbase. That includes challenger banks and digital payment companies, including high-profile firms like Stripe, Brex and Klarna.

“In my personal experience, having lost my job in the past, you learn that you are not infallible,” said Charles Rosenblatt, president of PayQuicker, a payment company that supports disbursements. “This helped me become a much more humble employee, which I think is an important quality for both an employee and an employer.”

Some of these workers may find their skills in demand, since there are fintechs and legacy card companies that are aggressively adding staff to gain an advantage in the year ahead.

The Rochester, N.Y.-based PayQuicker specializes in disbursements for clients such as gig economy employers, giving the company a track to find clients as payroll patterns change due to an increase in contract work. It also has attracted clients in the gaming and insurance industries.

The company’s platform provides access to payments through its insured PayQuicker-issued bank accounts.

PayQuicker, which was founded in 2007, has about 60 employees and plans to expand its team by about 20% in2023. PayQuicker recently partnered with Mastercard to support client-branded virtual and physical cards, secured bank accounts and mobile wallets.

“We would love to add some of the talented individuals out there,” said Charles Rosenblatt, president of PayQuicker. “Those impacted by the layoffs and currently seeking attractive opportunities.”

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