Paul Beldham Featured in Social Selling News

December 22, 2020
Social Selling News December 2020 Paul Beldham profile

A year-end review of The Ranks was published in the December issue of Social Selling News, which spotlights companies, people or trends that are important to the direct selling channels.

PayQuicker was ranked as the number one commission payment company in 2020. Paul Beldham, PayQuicker CEO, was featured in a company profile to spotlight the ranking in Social Selling News.

“PayQuicker revolutionizes commission payouts for direct selling organizations. Our clients modernize from ACH and paper checks to robust branded digital wallets, instant payouts, and instant spend options. The tremendous shift in payment expectations in today’s fast-paced, digital world means keeping our clients’ field satisfied.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced global payout solution resulting in happy payees who, in turn, drive our clients’ business growth. We know our success is solely reliant on our customer’s happiness.”
– Paul Beldham, President & CEO, PayQuicker

For the past two decades, PayQuicker has revolutionized payouts for hundreds of direct selling businesses ranging from startups to global enterprises. Click here to learn more.