Global Payouts Fintech PayQuicker Empowers Alphabet Inc.’s Verily with Real-Time Compensation for Clinical Trials

October 4, 2022
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PayQuicker, an innovative financial technology leader in the global payouts market, today announced a new customer, Verily, a precision health company committed to generating and applying evidence to change the way healthcare is delivered.

Verily, an Alphabet Inc. company launched from Google X in 2015, will integrate PayQuicker’s Payouts OS platform, leveraging best-in-class technology to distribute compensation to clinical research participants around the world.

“PayQuicker is proud to work with Verily and provide a global payment solution for their clinical trial programs. We strive to enable our clients with the newest technology and options to make payments faster and more convenient,” shared Rob Vanden Broecke, Vice President of Global Sales at PayQuicker.

Payouts OS enables turnkey integration with a single REST API that plugs into multiple banks and global payment rails to intelligently facilitate the quickest and most cost-effective method for clients to send payouts to consumers globally, across more than 200 countries and territories.

This technology works seamlessly with clinical trial platforms. The objective is to empower Contract Research Organization (CROs) and Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) providers to focus on patient care and trial management, leaving compensation program technology, maintenance and ongoing development to PayQuicker’s team of experts.

“As we continue to pioneer innovation in the global payouts landscape, we are eager to integrate our versatile platform to serve the needs of a diverse set of industries, including life sciences and healthcare,” said Charles Rosenblatt, President of PayQuicker.

There has been a significant increase in the volume and complexity of clinical trials, with the global clinical trials market expected to reach $78.3 billion by 2030. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency and meeting secure protocols, clinical research organizations need the same from their payout solutions providers. Simultaneously, clinical trials participants expect to be compensated faster and through more flexible options. This partnership supports real-time compensation payments to clinical trial participants upon the completion of milestones, eliminating any friction for trial administrators, HR or tech teams and expediting the end-to-end process.

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